Over the last 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a number of top company brands including EMI, Raddisson SAS, British Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian High Commission, to name but a few. I am currently working with several exciting business brands located within the UK and beyond. Here’s a few kind words from my current clients:

The Premier Choice Group has worked with Phil Byrne for over 7 years now. Together, we have taken our Company from having no web site and little marketing experience to a successful Award winning Health Insurance Specialist Broker in the UK.

Phil has all the knowledge and experience to help a Company with their Web ideas, and he also has the patience when dealing with his clients who often struggle to find the time to devote to their web site and marketing. He gets to know the business a client is in so he can add value at each step of what has turned out to be an excellent working relationship.

With Phil’s help we have tried various ideas to increase visits to our site, and to increase sales leads. Phil keeps a keen eye on how successful each strategy is, and is always mindful of a client’s budget when making suggestions.

Phil is efficient and reliable. He has also helped me recruit a young lady who has now joined us to get Premier Choice up to date on social media. The Directors are delighted to have secured some young blood with experience that we all unfortunately lack due to being of the older generation!

With a recent MBO having taken place the new Board and senior management are looking forward to many more years of having Phil’s support and guidance as we move forward into a new era at Premier Choice.
Ann Daniels, MD, Premier Choice Group, UK

Phil and his team are masters of internet marketing, they are professional, reliable and are an absolute pleasure to work with.  Their service from start to finish has been exemplary. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to them and my business is made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that Phil and his team have to deal with each day.
Sam Goodwill, MD, LavenderWorld, UK

We have worked with Phil for a few years now and his knowledge of SEO, internet marketing and advertising is excellent. It has been a pleasure working with Phil, his good work has ensured we receive quality traffic to our web site on a daily basis.
Rob Ellis, Director, West Yorkshire Steel, UK

Phil was highly recommended to us from one of his previous clients, who we luckily knew. He became our project manager and has given us the oxygen to get our website moving!  He has been a dream to work with and really made this journey more enjoyable for us. We really were at a standstill and completely lost as to what to do next to complete our website. We needed someone to come along and set us on the right road and Phil was the man to help us complete these complex set of challenges. He proved to be more than competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of web marketing and he quickly understood what we were looking for and gave clear and helpful solutions that worked for things we didn’t know or had trouble figuring out. He began to explore how to construct and maintain a professional-looking and informative web site. He is gifted and just knows what people are looking for and how to source this information. Phil is always accessible to meet personally or via skype. Everything we required was fulfilled and he introduced us to his skilled team and he very quickly brought our company together again and instilled confidence in everyone. We began working as a team again and very quickly he turned our company around and he made everything flow smoothly. He answered all our questions patiently and gave us confidence in our website again. He explained technical issues in clear, ordinary language, both via e-mail and on the phone. Phil has done a fantastic job, and we will continue working with him. 
Erika Doolan, Nutrition Consultant, Ireland

Working with Phil Byrne has been a breath of fresh air!  He has given us clear and easy to follow working guidelines which have helped us to shape the aims and objectives for our business.  We did have a tendency to wander off in tangents, so sticking to Phil’s plan has enabled us to keep focussed on what our core business actually is. With Phil’s help, we have been able to develop our website, keeping our core business, Ireland’s online nutrition and healthy living solution, to the forefront.  Check:  www.nutriclub.ie

Online marketing can be a minefield of confusion and doubt. It was an area we knew was vital for our business but didn’t have an idea of where to start, how much time or money to invest and what results to expect. Phil took the guess work out of it for us and devised an online marketing strategy with clear expectations.  It  made perfect sense, set out our investment and return on investment, and turned online marketing into a totally positive experience for us.

 Phil is one of life’s problem solvers. he can turn any negative situation into a positive one with ease!  We look forward to continuing to work with Phil and to further developing our online marketing strategy.

I would heartily recommend Phi Byrne to anyone looking for an online marketing solution.

Liz Gale, Dip NT, Nutritional Therapist for Nutri Club – Ireland’s online nutrition and healthy living solution.