As a location independent professional, I work with a group of wonderful fellow professionals across the world.

One of the greatest benefits of being a remote consultant is that it allows me to both work with clients across the world and to find great web marketing professionals from across the whole world too, this is opposed to trying to recruit people from within commuting distance of a specific office located somewhere.

My team are all excellent at what they do. They are key to me delivering exceptional web marketing results for my clients. All of my team members have dedicated skills in a specific area of web marketing including:



Social media

Content creation

Online market research

Design and branding

Web development

And many more.

Currently, my team are located in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Greece and India.

Often my clients need freelance professionals to complement their in-house staff. I can help you build a highly skilled freelance team of your own, all recruited from across the world using the wonders of remote working.