Perfecting Your Target Market

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All successful businesses have one marketing trait in common, they know how to target their market perfectly. They know how to reach them and they know how to please them. One of the first things I work on with every new client is getting our target market defined and agreed.

Customer is king

Generally speaking, businesses target markets are nearly always too wide. This is perhaps a reflection on how positive we all are in and around our businesses. We want our products and services to appeal to everybody, so we naturally set our target market wider in order to catch more people. The thing is, a business with a very focused, perhaps even narrow, target market is actually a good thing. It tells us exactly who we have to reach.

In line with the above, to begin truly perfecting your target market take that word “perfect” and put it into this sentence
“Who is my absolute perfect customer? How old are they? What do they do? Where do they live? Are they married? Do they have kids? Or are they free and single? What do they buy from you? And, most importantly, why are you the perfect (there’s that word again) people to sell it to them?

Jot all of those answers down and anything else that springs to your mind as you’re thinking all that through. If you now have something written down that reads like your “perfect” moments in business (i.e. the moment you meet your perfect client), then the person you have just described is your target market.

In marketing, we should aim to speak with our absolute perfect customer. We should create and direct all our marketing messages specifically to them. This does not mean that your marketing will miss lots of slightly less perfect customers, they will still come. Perhaps more enthusiastically down to your highly targeted marketing. How many times in life have you heard or even said yourself that it’s better to know what we want and to go for that than it is to try and please everybody all of the time, it’s the same with your marketing.

Even if the above makes you a little nervous, you will probably find that your perfect target market is generally always bigger than you think it is – there’s a lot of us here down on earth these days!

To demonstrate this, quickly browse over to


Facebook’s Advertising Settings Provide Instant Market Research

Facebook advertising has its lovers and haters, but there isn’t really anywhere else online quite as good at giving us instant demographic figures on any target market we choose to research. From the advertising page, click on the green “create new ad” button in the top right. Type anything you like for the ad copy but take good care to set the fields for location, age, gender, precise and broad interests as closely as you can to match the perfect customer you just wrote down. Now let Facebook show you how many people it feels match your criteria.

Now this is only a rough demo, there’s plenty more online market research you could and should do. But, hopefully, by now you’re more open to the good thinking that to perfect our target market, we need look not much further than our perfect customer.

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