Can Online Magazines Enhance My Web Marketing? (Podcast)

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This post is actually the second of our “Web Marketing Moments” Podcasts. In this episode, I interview Rose Meleady, an Irish Entrepreneur with a history in journalism and PR, including a key role in the launching of the Irish version of The Big Issue. In this interview, Rosie tells us all about how she became fascinated by online magazine publishing and offers some great tips on how you could, and why you  should, launch your own digital magazine soon.

This is a 15 minute interview, within which I ask Rosie:

1. Tell us about yourself Rosie and how you got into magazine publishing?

2. Now you’re working in online magazines, tell us a little about those and how they work?

3. When did you create your 1st online magazine, what was it about?

4. Nowadays, you believe online magazines are something many of us should look at? Why? How can they benefit us?

5. Will they work for every industry? Or are there specific topics/things that make good magazines?

6. Magazines sound like a lot of work? Any tips you’d like to share? tools

7. Tell us about your new site on creating your own online magazine?

You can find Rosie at or at

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