Being Brand Positive+

When we market our business, we must market our greatest qualities. I don’t believe that our greatest qualities are ever price, or features, or even service. You see, most businesses market on these selling points. They may be ‘logical’ marketing points;  they are not the ones that will build your business into a brand that can enjoy the profits of being a well-respected name.

It is through a more emotive style of marketing that we can touch people deeper than simply enticing them with logical sells based on price, delivery speed or free gifts with every purchase. By connecting our brand with a defined “purpose”, we move our products and services from being just a commodity: they become an offering that delivers true benefits to their audience, and in turn profits to your business.

What’s Our Formula for Success?
We begin by really listening to you and thinking through what inspires you within your business and industry, what experiences and beliefs make you different – even special. These are the ingredients we use to create enticing websites and powerful, emotive online marketing campaigns.

Working together with a team of marketing specialists, we help you take those strategic messages and ensure they are reflected in every aspect of your online presence and communications. Instead of being just another business, you’ll be profiting from web campaigns, specific to you and your business, that extend beyond the usual sales points of price, features and service. All that is great about your business will be visible for all to see, captivating new clients and turning existing clients into a loyal fan base. Our focus is on the very core of who you are, what you have to say and what makes you brand positive+

Depending on your specific needs, we may use the following methods to introduce your business to the online world of buyers:

Development of positive branding through emotive marketing
Crafting of unique selling proposition (USP) and positioning
Google Adwords
Tailored social media and content marketing planning
Press and media relations
Search engine optimisation
Inbound marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Successful web marketing needs strategy. That’s where our work begins.