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I am Phil Byrne, a web marketeer originally from the UK and now living and working across a number of places on this fine Earth. I adore everything web, music, film and travel related. This is my professional blog about my major passion for emotive web marketing and brand positivity. I hope the posts here help you take your online marketing in new and successful directions.

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  • Ways Of Growing Your Business Through Wide Targeting And Laser Targeting Your Audience

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    Always fun to join SemRush on one of their webinars. Not only are they my favourite competitor research tool, they also know their stuff about SEO and web marketing! I always learn something on their webinars, in this one I learn from Alexandra all about the ranking power of social media pages. I also offer one or two tips about targeting specific people online using some cool new online tools: Ways Of Growing Your Business Through Wide Targeting And Laser Targeting Your Audience

  • Making A Muse Of Your Perfect Target Market

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    In some of our previous blog posts we’ve discussed the importance of directing your marketing at your perfect target market. We believe this to be the way forward for marketing as it helps us build our businesses around the clients we really want. Business, like life, is something we have to build in the way we want, if we leave it to chance we can easily end up in a place we never intended to be. It’s important to focus your marketing activity directly at specific kinds of people you want to work alongside. This blog post looks at how we can make a muse of our perfect target market. (more…)

  • Internet Marketing Is Already Working For You

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    One of the most common questions asked by businesses new to web marketing is “will Internet Marketing work for me?” Wherever we think we are in terms of marketing our business online, more often than not, the internet is already helping us promote ourselves and our businesses. The internet is so open to networking and marketing, that it works to promote us by default. This blog post looks at a simple way to see this innate marketing and networking power of the Internet by simply looking through our own digital contact base. (more…)

  • The 2 Freedoms of Positive Marketing

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    The are many ways that we can sell our products and services. Throughout my 20+ years in marketing, I have come to build a firm belief in “projecting positivity” around whatever it is that we are looking to sell. This blog post looks at two concepts of freedom which can help inspire ideas for positive marketing, whatever it is that you may be looking to promote.   (more…)

  • Post Holiday Pickup Tips

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    I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to Mumbai in India. The are many great things about going away, not only does it give your mind and body some valuable downtime, it can also send you home with a new perspective on our business and personal life – thanks to the view our change of gear allows us. When we do get back to work after our holidays though, it can be difficult to get ourselves back into top gear. This blog post looks at how we can do that quickly whilst also maintaining anything valuable that may have come to us on our holiday. (more…)

  • Test Marketing A New Product, Service or Business Online

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    When we have a new idea for a product, service or business – our first thought is to wonder whether there is any demand for what we have in mind? One of the greatest benefits the web brings to business is that it offers us a quick and easy way to test market any idea we may have. This blog post looks at a quick simple strategy for test marketing your new product, service and business ideas. (more…)

  • Why The Display Network Can Be Great For Local Businesses

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    One of the most common questions I get asked often is “what are your tips for marketing new and small businesses online?” There are many fantastic guides already on the Internet that provide some great tips on optimising your site for local keywords and utilising social media to reach local markets. These are both important things to do but I wanted to offer something a little different to what’s already out there too. This blog post looks at how we can use Google’s Display Network to gain a good online advertising positions at significantly reduced rates.

  • New Year Energies To Base Online Marketing Around

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    The New Year sees many of us stride into the fresh days of January with all kinds of resolutions and ambitions fuelling our steps. Is there any other point in the year when so many people want, and intend, to do so many positive things? Given this, it’s a great time of year to give your web marketing a new focus too. Whatever you sell, there is an opportunity to connect with this New Year energy and promote your products and services to a truly motivated audience. This blog post looks at some base ideas to base your New Year web marketing around. (more…)

  • Can Online Magazines Enhance My Web Marketing? (Podcast)

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    This post is actually the second of our “Web Marketing Moments” Podcasts. In this episode, I interview Rose Meleady, an Irish Entrepreneur with a history in journalism and PR, including a key role in the launching of the Irish version of The Big Issue. In this interview, Rosie tells us all about how she became fascinated by online magazine publishing and offers some great tips on how you could, and why you  should, launch your own digital magazine soon. (more…)