Phil Byrne

I am a location independent web marketeer, originally from the UK, and now living and working across a number of places on this fine Earth. I’m very passionate about internet marketing, remote working and utilising the constantly growing power of the internet to bring success, freedom and choice into our everyday lives.

Clients like to know who they are working with and that the person is a specialist in their field. I have always been an internet person. From way back in the dial-up days of the late 1990’s, I have been helping people create and market their businesses online. I’ve been fortunate to work with both large and small businesses since I started my marketing career in 1996.  The insights I have gained during this time have given me a good understanding of the psychology and emotions of buying, and how this can be applied to online marketing and branding. I help businesses grow by identifying their unique selling points, which we then work together to shape into an original ‘recipe’ for their industry through a variety of online marketing techniques.

What do I do that’s different?

Complete web marketing. I can help you understand how the channels of web marketing (SEO, Adwords, Social Media etc.) all become far more powerful when fuelled by a defined purpose and message that we identify and determine for your business’s brand.
Inspiration. I discover what my clients do exceptionally well and communicate this to inspire their clients.
Evolution. I believe that business is a journey. Not just one of profitability but of personal development too. We have to make decisions, and learn from both our successes and mistakes. I want the marketing that my business creates with clients to have a positive effect on the world.
Authenticity. I always speak what I truly believe inside. I always encourage businesses to promote what they believe too.
I often become a freelance online marketing director, I can help you market yourself online in ways that motivate both your customers and your team.

I believe online businesses should look to:

  • Be honest and authentic in all communication.
  • Create happy experiences for their customers.
  • Utilise the growing marketing channels online to be brand positive+.
  • Utilise the growing remote tools online to constantly enhance the customers experience.
  • Contribute to the online world with high quality content.

You also can find me at:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/philtbyrne

Twitter: @positivesparks

Live Work Abroad (my blog on remote working)

When I am not online, I adore playing my guitar, writing, walking/running in beautiful places and following the up and down fortunes of Everton Football Club.