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I help people, who want to know more about the online world, understand how the web can help them promote & enhance what they do. I have lots of internet marketing tips, ebooks, guides and a taste for sharing tools and resources that will help you create a vision of how you can connect with people deeply, quickly, efficiently and with true focus online.

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When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought on my mind is to wonder what new online tools and techniques I will discover today? After that, I think of the people I will chat/communicate with and introduce to these cool tools and techniques. My heart glows when I find a ground breaking new way to reach people online or discover a new tool that makes me more productive or grow. My heart breaks when any of these new possibilities don’t work as well as I imagined they would….
The people I meet are my inspiration. More than anything else, I care about finding ways to help them solve their problems and to help them understand what is truly possible for them to achieve using the web and all that it brings.
In my world, curiosity and experimentation are necessities.
“Give it a real go” is always a great idea.
Selling is overated, misleading people is a definite “no”.
Fantasizing about success is totally reasonable.
Striving to be of true value is a must.
But all that really matters at the end of the day is to be helpful, in some way, to some people, some of the time.
When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who helped others understand how they could realise their potential in the digital world and who inspired others to “give it a real go” too.

Ways Of Growing Your Business Through Wide Targeting And Laser Targeting Your Audience

Always fun to join SemRush on one of their webinars. Not only are they my favourite competitor research tool, they also know their stuff about SEO and web marketing! I always learn something on their webinars, in this one I learn from Alexandra all about the ranking power of social media pages. I also offer one or two tips about targeting specific people online using some cool new online tools: Ways Of Growing Your Business Through Wide Targeting And Laser Targeting Your Audience

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