You’ve got your business online. You’re promoting yourself regularly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You’re updating your blog often and ensuring that you know all of the key phrases people use in the searches most relevant to you. In short, you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. So why does it feel as if something is missing from your results? Everybody is online these days. Everybody is promoting their websites, products, services, and everybody is doing it in much the same way.
To really succeed online, you need to know what makes you different.
Imagine you had a clear understanding of what makes your business stand out from your competitors? What most effectively connects you with your target market? How you can build deeper relationships with your online customers? What if you could embed these elements within all of your web marketing messages? You can. Emotive web marketing can help you and your company stand out, confidently and proudly, online.

Who Am I?

My name is Phil Byrne, and I’m an internet & emotive marketing specialist. I’ve been helping businesses grow and reach their full potential for over 15 years.  If you are seriously interested in reaching a new peak, working with a marketing specialist who can create a brand that’s the perfect reflection of you with an internet marketing strategy to match, then we should chat. Soon. Working together with my dynamic team, who combine authentic branding with successful online marketing techniques, you can expect to discover that you and your business:

Get more leads online
Make more sales online
Build real loyalty from your internet clients
Promote the right things for you
Promote the right things for your business

We can work together to uncover what makes you shine and stand out from the crowd. We’ll craft a strong online presence that connects with new clients and entices your existing clients into becoming loyal followers. Your business expands. Your profits grow. You feel like you’re doing things right online.

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What services are provided?

Brand+ Marketing Briefs

What inspires you to offer what you do? The modern, online customer wants to hear all about what makes you “brand positive+” and we need to focus everything around it. So, let’s write it down!

Web Marketing Strategy

Once we have our brief, we then need to find where your customers are online most frequently and then decide how we can communicate your message and what you do effectively.

Online Advertising

Google Adwords is the best known form of online advertising. But did you know there are also many other places that could prove to be  fruitful in  advertising your message, too?

Content Marketing

When you know what you want to say, we can help you say it in many ways. Including, words, audio and video all of which are in constant demand online.

Social Media

Social Media (eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc) is both an easy and effective marketing method for brand positive companies. It’s the best way to promote your message daily to your audience.


Search Engine Optimisation works hand in hand with Content Marketing to ensure that your articles, podcasts and videos always find their intended audience.

Making A Muse Of Your Perfect Target Market

In some of our previous blog posts we’ve discussed the importance of directing your marketing at your perfect target market. We believe this to be the way forward for marketing as it helps us build our businesses around the clients we really want. Business, like life, is something we have to build in the way we want, if we leave it to chance we can easily end up in a place we never intended to be. It’s important to focus your marketing activity directly at specific kinds of people you want to work alongside. This blog post looks at how we can make a muse of our perfect target market. (more…)

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